Welcome to stack

Rethinking the social network


stack is a free social network that lets you decide how public or private you want to be. We don't data-mine your content or censor you above the law. We've based our platform on the most popular features of the existing networks, and built them around a system that lets you decide how you want to use it.

We respect your right to freedom of expression, privacy, and control. How and what you want to share should always be your choice, and with stack, it is.

the Problem we Solve

Putting you back in control

We all want to use the latest technology to communicate with our friends and family, and to have a public voice about the things that matter to us. We want to be a part of a world-wide community, to discover the things that delight us, educate us and challenge us.


The existing social networks have a serious problem with user trust. Algorithms block posts from friends and pages that users want to see. Unchecked data-mining is removing any real possibility of privacy and personal information is sold to 3rd parties without the user’s knowledge or consent. Constant changes to terms of service limit the freedom of users and leave them unsure of their rights and the ownership of their social presence.

None of this is necessary to run a social network.

All these problems are a direct result of how the big networks make their money.
stack has the solution and we’re building it for you right now:

Define your own Privacy

Don’t accept the loss of control

We’ve all felt that knot in our gut, scrolling past thousands of words of legal mumbo jumbo and pressing Accept. Accept all loss of control.

In stack, your rights are protected with a legally binding contract, not an empty promise. Our Terms of Service are short, easy to read, and they benefit YOU.

The rights you can expect in stack include:

We provide a quality service without spying on you and will never alter stack in a way that changes the permissions you set for your content.

Form & Function

The best that social networking has to offer

Clean and easy to use.

stack is a beautifully designed platform with the tools you expect from a fully functional social network. stack is familiar, but improved. Of course we can't tell you too much about the design and features yet (competition is fierce!), but we'll keep you up to date with all sorts of hints at what’s coming. When you support us with as little as $1 you get access to the beta as soon as it’s ready.

Your "stack"
Your stack is where it all comes together. Your friend’s posts and the people and pages you follow are arranged in an easy to read format.

We developed a posting tool that’s accessible from anywhere in stack, and allows you to easily post to exactly the right people in just a few clicks.

You can create pages that people can follow, themed to help express your style! Stop feeling limited by what you wouldn’t want your mom or boss to see. You choose if your pages are associated to your public profile, shared privately with others or anonymously with the world.

You CAN take it with you
We're building tools to let you you import your content from other services easily. We also make it easy for you to export any of your content from stack at any time.

Advertising and Brands on stack
Advertising is useful for offsetting the costs of running a network, but the way it works currently is against the principles we at stack are fighting to preserve.

So we’ve changed the rules.

The only brands that can advertise to you in stack are the ones you choose to follow. Because of this, advertising in stack is massively reduced compared to other networks, and far more relevant to your interests.

We believe that brands will come to stack if you do, and they will benefit from reaching you honestly, instead of buying access to your eyes.

Everything you need
stack has the features you need to communicate with your friends and broadcast your interests to the world. stack is the place you go to be yourself, without having to worry that the rules of the service will limit you. stack puts your communication back into your hands.

stack is Device Agnostic

Available to you just the way you like it

Stack will be useable with your favourite browser

safari, firefox, internet explorer, chrome, opera

And natively available on your favorite devices

iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows

Help us Build it

Your support makes it possible

Member of The Internet Defense League

Help us prove that people want to own their content, control their privacy and communicate freely on the internet.

There's a lot you can do:

1. Contribute to stack
Use the paypal link below to send us your financial support. Include an email in the notes if you'd like to be added to the beta list.

2. Spread the word
You can find us on tumblr, twitter and facebook. We appreciate our growing number of followers and enjoy keeping you informed on topics related to social media and digital rights.

3. Stay tuned
Sign up here to be added to our beta list and receive occasional updates regarding stack. We promise not to spam and will only contact you this way with very important news.

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